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How To Process & Ship Fish Home From Alaska

Homer Fish Processing

Did you know you can have your fish vacuum sealed, frozen and shipped directly to your home in an insulated box? Alternatively, you can also take your insulated box of frozen fish on the airplane! Although we do not do the processing ourselves we will have the fish filleted and ready for the processor to pick up upon returning to the harbor from your day of fishing. We highly recommend Homer Fish Processing, a local family run business, that does a fantastic job.

Processing Fish

All of your fish caught will be cleaned and filleted while cruising back to the harbor by our crew. Feel free to watch the whole process, as each fish requires its own technique and it’s quite interesting! The deckhands especially love being peppered with questions throughout the process, help us keep them on their toes!

Each fish has a live weight and an average yield once processed. Please expect the approximate following yields:

  • Halibut 50%
  • Salmon 60%
  • Rockfish 15%
  • Lingcod 20-25%

Mermaids are catch and release only.

Packing Fish

Homer Fish Processing can package your fish to your specifications. Want it in individual portions for easy meal planning? We suggest doing 1lb packages! Want to freeze the fillet whole? Deboned? Skinned? They can do all that too! The fish packaging world is your oyster!

Once you’ve decided how you want it packaged, it will be frozen and then packed into insulated boxes and ready for pickup or shipping.

How To Ship Fish

Homer Fish Processing ships fish directly from their facility if this is the route you decide to take. All the shipping details will be arranged directly between you and them.

The most economical way to get your fish home is to check it on the plane in the insulated box. Then you are only paying for the checked bag fee for your specific airline.

Cost To Ship Fish

Since your fish is frozen it needs to be overnighted back home. The approximate cost to overnight one 50lb box varies year to year, Homer Fish Processing ships fish directly from their facility if this is the route you decide to take.