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Halibut Fishing Trips in Homer, Alaska

Halibut Fishing Overview

We have several options for halibut charter fishing including ¾ and full day options on our big, stable 56’ Ultimate or full day trips on one of our 6-passenger boats. A full day, straight halibut trip gives you the most time to target larger fish. The ¾ day halibut trips are a great way to spend a fun day on the water and catch fish, it is not necessarily a big fish chasing trip, though big fish can certainly come up.

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How Halibut Fishing Works

We typically anchor while fishing for halibut in Alaska and use baits and jigs. It is not uncommon to catch other species while targeting halibut, though these are bonus catches. The average size halibut caught in Homer, Alaska is around 14 lbs but you never know when that 200 pounders will bite.

Travel time to halibut fishing grounds out of Homer harbor varies from 1-3 hours and is dependent on weather conditions and where the fish have been biting. We are generally always in sight of land.

56′ Ultimate

The 56′ Ultimate is run by co-owner Capt Billy and two deckhands. It has two private bathrooms, seating for 18 inside, and additional seating on the back deck. There are bunks down below, an emergency kid tv, microwave, coffee maker, and freshwater sink. The Ultimate is one of the bigger big boats in the Homer harbor making it very sea stable, not seasick proof, but a big stable platform. It’s also fast, so it can go out to a lot of the same places that the 6 passenger boats go, especially on the full-day trips.  It runs full and ¾ day halibut trips or can be available for private charters for larger groups.

3/4 Day Halibut trip

The 3/4 day option takes up to 18 passengers halibut fishing for approximately 6 hours. An excellent trip for people who want to get out, experience halibut fishing, see the sights and get back before dinner time, not necessarily a big fish chasing trip. Big fish can come up on this trip, but it’s our shorter day, so there is less time to be picky about which fish you keep.

This is a great trip for families also, just the right amount of time for young anglers. Since we are a family owned and operated business, we are family friendly to all ages onboard our fishing charters!

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Full Day Halibut trip

The full day option takes up to 16 passengers halibut fishing. This trip is the same amount of time as the 6 passenger boat full day trips, and often goes to the same places.

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6 Passenger Boats

We have 2 six-passenger boats, The Julia Lynn (Capt Eric) and the Outrageous (Capt Daniel). These boats run only full-day trips, with the exception of private charters.

Full Day Halibut Trip

The full day six-passenger boat halibut trip is the best option for someone who really wants to spend the day chasing a big halibut. This trip is a full day and there would be a maximum of 6 passengers, so you have the most time and opportunity to wait for the big one if that is your goal.

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All prices are plus $7.85% sales tax

More Information

In case you haven’t heard, Homer, Alaska is the halibut fishing capital of the world! Here are few Halibut fishing FAQs we’ve collected that we think will help.

When & Where To Catch Halibut

Our prime halibut fishing season in Homer, Alaska is May – September. Fishing can still be productive in other parts of the year but weather becomes a major factor in getting to the fishing grounds. As the water temperatures get colder the majority of the halibut move offshore into deeper waters to spawn. Halibut is closed for fishing the month of January to protect their spawning season.

Halibut are bottom dwelling ambush predators, which means they will travel all the way to the water’s surface to feed. They can be found on any type of bottom, typically where there is food, and are able to camouflage easily with their surroundings. Think of a halibut as a hungry teenager, they never get full and are always hunting for food. We fish for halibut at depths of 20’ and all the way up to 600’, so start exercising those arm muscles!

Halibut Species & Sizes

There are only two true species of halibut found in the world, the Atlantic and Pacific halibuts. Clearly, here in Homer, Alaska we are catching Pacific halibut. We do not catch Californian halibut this far north, and these are actually turbot. For more detailed information Alaska Fish & Game has a great page on the Pacific halibut.

Halibut Fishing Rules & Limits

We provide up-to-date halibut fishing rules and limits.

2024 Halibut Regulations: 2 halibut per person per day. One any size and one under 28″. No annual limit. No halibut fishing on Wednesdays.


What To Bring & Wear

When halibut fishing in Alaska we recommend that you dress in warm layers with a waterproof outer layer. The waterproof layer is perfect for cutting the wind as well as keeping you dry and warm. Waterproof footwear is best but not absolutely necessary. The cabin of the boat is heated and comfortable, but when you are fishing you are out in the elements.

How To Ship Halibut Home

Our crew will fillet all of your fish and have it ready to be picked up by the fish processor upon returning back to the dock. We highly recommend Homer Fish Processing. They will meet you at the boat to pick up your fish fillets and will vacuum seal and freeze to your specifications. They are able to ship your fish directly from their facility in insulated boxes. However, the most economical way of getting fish home is to take your insulated box of fish as one of your checked bags on the airplane. Please call Homer Fish Processing for current shipping rates.

What Does Halibut Taste Like?

Halibut is an excellent eating mild, white, flaky fish. It is extremely versatile when it comes to cooking and is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Need some ideas for how to cook your catch? Check out these great fishy cookbooks!