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Winter King Fishing
& Crabbing Trips in Homer, AK

Winter King Fishing & Crabbing Overview

King salmon are plentiful year round in Kachemak Bay. Alaska winter fishing is a great way to enjoy the waters in the off season and see the winterscapes of the Bay. Winter king salmon trolling is an experience not to be missed and not to worry all our boats have heated cabins!

Interested in fresh Alaskan crab? We also offer crabbing on our winter king fishing trips in Homer, Alaska. Drop the baited pot on your way out to the fishing grounds and pull it on your way back in!

Trip Packages & Rates

Our trip includes a day of winter king salmon trolling and checking the crab pot. All your fish will be filleted and your crab cleaned on the way in from the fishing grounds. You can either bring fillets to the processor for vacuum seal and freezing, or take it home fresh if you’re local. Please note, crab does need to be cooked prior to freezing and the processor offers this service.

Limits per day are 2 king salmon/person and 2 crab/person.

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Winter vs. Summer Fishing

Winter fishing weather can be less predictable than summer weather. We always have our eye on the weather and we will keep you informed if it looks like the weather will prevent us from fishing. Luckily, winter is our slower season and we have schedule flexibility to bump you to another day if need be.

What To Bring & Wear

Although it is winter fishing in Alaska we won’t let you freeze! Our boats are equipped with heated cabins for your comfort. It’s always best to dress in warm layers, including hat and gloves, with a waterproof outermost layer. Waterproof shoes are helpful but not essential. We ask that you pack all your food/drinks/snacks for the day. Remember your fishing license with a king stamp and crab permit. If you are prone to motion sickness please remember to take something prior to getting onto the boat. The night before is a great time to take motion sickness pills and the morning of.

How To Ship Fish Home

There is one processor open in the winter season here in Homer. They do a great job of vacuum sealing and freezing your fish. Crab will need to be cooked prior to freezing, and they offer this service as well. If it is available to you we recommend eating your crab fresh, rather than from frozen. Fresh crab will keep for a few days in the refrigerator.

The processor will pack up your catch in an insulated box and get it ready for shipping or carrying on the airplane. Please call the processor for most up to date shipping costs. If it works with your travel plans, the most economical option is to check your box of fish as a piece of luggage. The insulated boxes will keep your fish frozen for about 2 days.