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Alaska Fishing License & Regulation Info

Alaska Fishing License Overview

Anyone fishing will be required to have an Alaska fishing license and a king salmon stamp (if your trip is targeting salmon). Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, Alaska residents under 18 and non-residents under 16 are not required to carry a fishing license. They will however need to have a harvest card which is available on the Alaska Fish & Game site or in our office. Fishing licenses are obtainable online through the Alaska Fish & Game website, please click here to purchase online and for more detailed information.

If you are active duty military and stationed in Alaska there is special pricing available when purchasing your license.

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Alaskan Fishing Licenses the How & Where

You are able to purchase and print your fishing license directly from the Alaska Fish & Game website. Once in the state of Alaska, there are multiple locations to purchase in person as well (most hardware stores, Safeway, Bass Pro Shop/Cabela’s).  Please click here to be redirected to the Alaska Fish & Game webshop for licenses.

How Old Do You Have to Be?

We are a family owned and operated business, therefore family friendly to all ages onboard our fishing charters! Please call and we are happy to help you decide what trip will work best with your little and not so little ones. Non-residents are not required to purchase a fishing license if they are 15 or under (resident fishing licenses are not required if under 18). They will need to have a harvest card to record any fish caught with annual limits (they’re free!). We can provide you with these in our office or they are available to print online here.