What to bring:

  • Alaska fishing license or harvest card if under 16
  • King stamp if targeting salmon
  • Warm, layered clothing
  • Rain gear and waterproof shoes
  • Lunches, snacks, drinks
  • Motion sickness pills/patches
  • A good attitude!

What not to bring:

  • Large coolers
  • Glass bottles
  • Illegal drugs including medical marijuana 
  • Pets

Summer weather in Homer, Alaska can vary from a warm and sunny 70 degrees to a windy, rainy 45 degree day.  Dressing in layers is important due to quickly changing weather.  Please be sure to bring rain jacket and pants to avoid being uncomfortable and wet all day.

If you have never fished in the open ocean or are prone to motion sickness we recommend taking bonine the night prior and the morning of your trip.  The patch also works well if applied the day before your trip.  This is for your own comfort -- being seasick will definitely put a damper on your trip.

Cancellation Policy

Customers will receive a full refund if cancellation is at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled trip.

Customers will also receive a full refund if trip is canceled due to inclement weather or mechanical issues. 

If weather prevents us from fishing all targeted species, customers will receive a refund for that portion of the trip.