In case you haven't heard, Homer is the halibut fishing capital of the world!  Fishing out of Homer offers some of the most consistent catches anywhere in Alaska.  On straight halibut trips we spend most of our day targeting larger fish.  We typically anchor while fishing for halibut and use baits and jigs.  It is not uncommon to catch other species while targeting halibut, these are bonus catches.  The average size halibut caught in Homer, Alaska is around 15 lbs but you never know when that 300 pounder will bite.  

Halibut limits: 2 / person / day excluding Tuesdays July 10 - August 14 and all Wednesdays.  One of any size and one under 28".  Annual bag limit of 4.  (IPHC regulations)

Price: $255/person + tax (off season); $290/person + tax (in season) 


There are 5 species of salmon commonly caught in Homer, Alaska.  They are king (chinook), silver (coho), chum (dog), pink (humpy) and red (sockeye).  We target kings and silvers primarily.  Kings are caught year round whereas silvers are caught July-October.  The way we fish for salmon is by trolling using downriggers.  Trolling is pulling baits at varied depths to attract salmon.  The boat usually cruises around .5 - 3 knots to lure the salmon in.

Salmon Limits: dependent on area fished, 6 salmon total is allowed per person.  (ADF&G regulations)

Price: $255/person + tax (off season); $290/person + tax (in season)


Combo trips are always a great option for the opportunity to fish for multiple species in a single trip.  Combo options will vary depending on what is in season.  Doing a combo leaves less time for being selective of the fish you keep.  A combo is the best option if you are short on time while in town as you will be able to experience the variety of what Alaska has to offer.  

Halibut & Salmon


This trip is typically split in half, targeting halibut for half the day and salmon for the other half.  We generally do not have to travel far for these trips.  Salmon are plentiful in and around Kachemak Bay as are halibut.  

Price: $300/person + tax (off season); $340/person + tax (in season)

Halibut & Rockfish


Rockfish are plentiful, aggressive and usually easy to catch, they also make excellent table fare.  There are over 20 different species commonly caught here in Homer.  Black rockfish is the most commonly caught, ranging between 1 and 10 lbs.  We also catch non-pelagics such as the Yelloweye, China, Quillback, Copper, Silvergray, and Tiger.  This combo trip allows us to spend more time targeting larger halibut due to the fast action of the rockfish.  

Rockfish Limits: 5 / person / day.  (ADF&G regulations)

Price: $300/person + tax (off season); $340/person + tax (in season)



This is Capt. Eric's favorite trip to take customers on.  This long range trip allows your captain to take you on an adventure out into the Gulf of Alaska, generally a 2-3 hour trip each way.  This trip is not geared towards the faint of heart.  You will find yourself in less protected waters but with the reward being an opportunity to target everything.  Species caught on these trips often include lingcod, rockfish, halibut, salmon and mermaids.  

Lingcod Limits: 1 / person / day.  Minimum size is 36".  (ADF&G regulations)

Mermaid Limits: catch and release only 

Price: $400/person + tax

Evening Sightseeing & Salmon Fishing

A relaxing 4 hour evening excursion.  Perfect for anyone wanting to get out on the water and see the wildlife of Kachemak Bay.  Wildlife that has been spotted during evening trips include sea otters, humpback whales, orcas, mountain goats, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, bald eagles, puffins, loons and much more!  Trolling for salmon is a perk on this trip.  This is a great trip for kids.

Price: $190/person + tax

Winter King Fishing

King salmon are plentiful year round in Kachemak Bay.  This is a great way to enjoy the waters in the off season and see the winterscapes of the Bay.  Winter trolling is an experience not to be missed and not to worry the Julia Lynn has a heated cabin!

Price: $200/person + tax


Sales tax for our area is 7.5%.